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Welcome to our church!  This video gives a flavor of what it is like to come visit.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

How God’s love can change your disposition—and your health too Tue, 30 Apr 2013 04:26:30 +0000 Read more →

I know a man who had a very bad and sour outlook on life and on other people.

He unconsciously and consciously looked for the “bad” in others. He seemed to look for opportunities to criticize people and belittle them. He found a sort of evil delight in making others look “small” and “unworthy”, so that he could make himself look better by comparison.

He had a long list of people who he self-righteously “judged”, seeing them as incompetent, arrogant, conceited or just plain stupid.

Then one day, seemingly “out of the blue”, he became very ill. He experienced such a violent pain in his upper stomach that he could barely stand up or even breathe.

Despite the fact he criticized and judged others, the man was a Christian Scientist—at least he was a Christian Scientist in his own mind. And it was his custom to rely on God for help and physical healing.

While in great pain, he called a Christian Science practitioner* to pray for him.

The practitioner was warm and loving and began to pray for him immediately. And in a very short while, the pain was completely gone. And all seemed well again.

Yet, in a few weeks, the pain returned. But this time it was an even more severe pain than he experienced the first time.

Again, he called the Christian Science practitioner for help. Again she prayed for him. And like before, the pain lifted after a few minutes.  And like before, all seemed well.

Several months passed without incident. Then one day, the pain in his upper stomach returned once again. But this time, the pain was so violent and intense the man began to bleed from his mouth. And he felt he was going to die. While laying helpless on the floor, he asked his wife to call the same practitioner for more prayer.  Which she did.

In a few minutes, the man’s wife returned with a message from the practitioner. His wife said, “The practitioner said you are to forgive all those people you are judging!”

Without questioning her request, the man immediately knew in himself what the practitioner was referring to. He knew that he had to forgive everyone on his list of people he was criticizing, and he knew they had to be forgiven…now.

And that’s what he did.

Laying on the floor, the man knew he had to “love thy neighbor as thyself”, as Jesus said to do in the Bible. He began to mentally review all the people on his list. As he thought of someone, he forgave them and saw them with love. And he forgive himself for judging people too.

He asked God, from the depth of his heart, to cleanse his heart of every dark, critical thought. Then he replaced the criticism he held of others with a deeper more spiritual love for each.

By the time the man got to the end of his list, he felt relieved and spiritually satisfied by what he had done; and his stomach pain completely vanished. And it never returned. Why? Because the man’s bad disposition and his stomach pain were really one and the same. By letting God fill his heart with love, the man’s heart was washed clean, and in its place, he experienced the most glorious feeling of joy and peace he had ever known.

I know the pain never returned, because I am that man.

Now you may ask, how did the practitioner know I needed to “forgive” others? How did she “see” into my heart?

The answer is simple: she prayed and God, (who knew my heart), gave her the answer she needed to tell me.

Yes, God can change your disposition—and your health.  All it takes is the desire to let God transform your heart.

* A Christian Science practitioner gives their full time to praying for others, helping them quickly find God’s solutions to health, financial, relationship, and other life problems.

Conociendo a Dios como el padre amoroso. (spanish video) Wed, 04 Apr 2012 22:16:59 +0000 Read more →


Note: This is a Spanish language video.

Finding our unbreakable relationship with God we can discover a new universe;
where God does not leave us to suffer or lack anything. God knows no limitations or disharmony of any kind.

La Verdad eterna esta cambiado al universo. (video) Wed, 04 Apr 2012 22:06:17 +0000 Read more →


Note, this video is in Spanish.

The eternal truth is changing the universe.

In this program we explore together how God, as the eternal truth is transforming and renewing us in every moment.

First we will change our way of thinking as we let go of the traditions and superstitions that limit us in so many ways. The teachings of the textbook of Christian Science by Mary Baker Eddy, shows us a practical and consistent way to heal and heal others the way Jesus Christ showed us.

At the same time it opens the door wide to the understanding to perceive our spiritual nature, which is pure and perfect.
In this way we find freedom here and now!

Spiritual self worth well-being, and freedom by Rob Gilbert, CSB (bilingual video) Sun, 25 Mar 2012 22:20:09 +0000 Read more →


The spiritual value heals and transforms

Lecture given by Mr. Rob Gilbert, CSB with simultaneous translation by Jorge L. Perez, C. S.

Mr. Rob Gilbert, C.S.B. a teacher, practitioner and member of the body of Christian Science lecturers. In his lecture entitled: Spiritual Self-worth, Well-Being and Freedom-Self-worth spiritual wellbeing and freedom, takes us to a state of mind where we discover our true spiritual nature as the only harmonious identity created by God.

Love that Mr. Gilbert expresses concepts transcends all ethnic or cultural limitations. Through this conference, allows us to recognize those experiences in our lives that need to be redeemed, to free us from the negative characteristics that have been obstructing our progress, health and even our happiness.

We also speaks of the importance and significance of forgiveness, when we have been harboring a false concept about someone or ourselves, making us see that each and every one of us, without respect, we are the beloved children of God.

Through these reflections we delve into the aspects of life that need to be rectified and eradicated of consciousness. Understanding so actually, we already live in the spiritual universe, where only the power of God governs and protects us.

Conflict Resolution: A Spiritual Approach , John M. Tyler, CSB (video) Tue, 20 Mar 2012 22:31:10 +0000 Read more →