Our church is a warm and inviting haven for anyone seeking to know God’s healing power and grace.

Have you been searching for a God of Love and forgiveness? Are you looking for a deeper spiritual rest and peace? Are you or a family member in need of healing? Then consider that it’s God’s loving hand that’s brought you here….

You’re not alone in whatever problems or concerns you face. Each individual in our small, embracing church group has learned something of how our all-loving God solves problems and heals ills—including the most stubborn diseases. So you’ll find lots of encouragement and support here.

We are a Christian Science church; one of many such churches around the world. We love and cherish the Bible and follow Christ Jesus’ command to “heal the sick”. To illuminate the healing and saving truths found in the Bible, we use a textbook, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy. Our members will tell you firsthand, how these two books have opened a new chapter of health, healing and happiness in their lives.

Come join us any Sunday morning or Wednesday evening…