Spiritual self worth well-being, and freedom by Rob Gilbert, CSB (bilingual video)

The spiritual value heals and transforms

Lecture given by Mr. Rob Gilbert, CSB with simultaneous translation by Jorge L. Perez, C. S.

Mr. Rob Gilbert, C.S.B. a teacher, practitioner and member of the body of Christian Science lecturers. In his lecture entitled: Spiritual Self-worth, Well-Being and Freedom-Self-worth spiritual wellbeing and freedom, takes us to a state of mind where we discover our true spiritual nature as the only harmonious identity created by God.

Love that Mr. Gilbert expresses concepts transcends all ethnic or cultural limitations. Through this conference, allows us to recognize those experiences in our lives that need to be redeemed, to free us from the negative characteristics that have been obstructing our progress, health and even our happiness.

We also speaks of the importance and significance of forgiveness, when we have been harboring a false concept about someone or ourselves, making us see that each and every one of us, without respect, we are the beloved children of God.

Through these reflections we delve into the aspects of life that need to be rectified and eradicated of consciousness. Understanding so actually, we already live in the spiritual universe, where only the power of God governs and protects us.